About the IDC

What is the IDC?

A movement for the renewal of the permanent diaconate in the Catholic Church.
A registered association supported by lay people, theologians, deacons, priests and bishops throughout the world. A centre which collects, transmits and inspires diaconate initiatives and experiences through-out the world. The structure of the Centre reflects its aims:

The Executive Board

Consisting of a Chairman, two Vice Chairmen, one of whom must be a permanent deacon, the wife of a deacon, and the head of the secretariat. Currently:

     President: Prof. DDr. Klaus Kießling / Germany
     Vice-President: José Espinos / Argentina
     Vice-President: Bert Cambre / Canada
     Wife of a deacon: Nelleke Wijngaards Serrarens / Netherlands
     Director: Dr. Stefan Sander / Germany

The Assembly of Delegates

The Assembly of Delegates is an internationally representative group with a maximum of fifteen peolple. All members of the Executive Board are also members of the Assembly of Delegates. Currently:

     William T. Ditewig / USA
     José Duran y Duran / Brasilia
     Greg Garnie / South Africa
     Michael Kuhn / Austria
     Montserrat Martinez / Spain
     Ferenc Molnar / Hungary
     Terttu Pohjolainen / Finnland
     Charles Dube / Zimbabwe
     Fr. Gilbert de Lima / India


Tony Schmitz / Scotland
Jiri Palacký / Czech Republic
Jean-Pierre Pascual / France
Enzo Petrolino / Italy

The General Assembly

The General Assembly, comprising all members of the IDC, meeting when necessary and at least once every four years. The General Assembly elects the Executive Board and eight delegates.

The IDC maintains a Secretariat in Rottenburg, run by a salaried Director of the Association.

The IDC has diaconate contacts in18 European and 33 other countries.

The IDC has an international circle of competent advisors to collaborate on important theological questions.